The people of Armenia and Artsakh are facing an existential threat following the unprovoked aggression from Turkish-backed Azerbaijani forces last month. Now more than ever, the Armenian homeland needs our help.

The Armenian community in the United States has quickly responded to the plight of the people of Artsakh. Armenia Fund is the largest Armenian humanitarian organization in the United States serving the needs of Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh. And now, our focus is on the more than 90,000 refugees who have been displaced in Artsakh.

An unprecedented number of Armenians have come together all across the globe for the common purpose of helping our brothers and sisters in need. This is a powerful message of unity, and we are honored to be part of it.

For 25 years, the Armenian American community has entrusted the Armenia Fund to create a better world for the people of Armenia and Artsakh, through humanitarian work and larger projects like infrastructure and agricultural development. Armenia Fund has built roads, countless schools, hospitals, medical centers, clean drinking water systems, advanced drip irrigation systems, and provided agricultural development resources that empower villagers to live and grow and develop sustainably. And right now, the people of Artsakh need our help— and we are delivering a lifeline.

Many of the refugees who left their homes empty-handed have gone a month without their basic living necessities while the weather is getting colder. Armenia Fund has raised funds from the community to purchase and deliver basic survival needs to keep them safe by providing temporary shelter, food and medical care. Every single dollar is being spent for humanitarian purposes only. As this crisis continues on, we will ensure the people of Artsakh have access to vital resources for their survival.