Sustainable Development
of the Armenian Homeland

Provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Armenia and the global Armenian communities through the development of vital infrastructure projects, and educational, cultural, health care and disaster relief programs , and direct assistance to the disabled, needy families and individuals.

  • Driving progress through positive change across multiple sectors in Armenia and Artsakh

  • Fostering quality and accountability across all measures in Armenia and Artsakh

  • Educating the youth in Armenia and Artsakh

  • Developing another reason to believe in hope for the future in Armenia and Artsakh

We stand united in helping Armenia and Artsakh, and your support is what makes what we do possible Whether it’s helping to provide meals for children and displaced families, paying to send medical shipments to survivors of the war or paying for the construction of clean water systems for families living on the fringes of our homeland, your dedication to a better Armenia is making a valuable, lasting difference…….

We are unwavering in our support of the Armenian people.



Aiming to improve housing and quality of life for families and communities alike, we’re implementing an array of projects that encompass the provision of apartments to homeless families, construction of residences for multi-child households and war veterans, and revitalization of diverse urban environments.


With projects including the reconstruction of Stepanakert Hospital and our landmark partnership with Glendale Adventist Medical Center for providing medical assistance to Noyemberyan, we’re dedicated to helping thoroughly modernize Armenian healthcare, through hospital construction, provision of medical equipment, and telemedicine.


Education has been a key priority ever since the inception of Armenia Fund, illustrated by our support of various schools including the Vanadzor Music School and Togh Art School. Today, with an abiding vision of promoting educational advancement, we build, renovate, and modernize schools and colleges throughout the homeland.


As part of our ongoing rural-development efforts, we create community hubs that improve the lives of residents and further connect them to their land. Our multifunctional community centers, built in villages across Armenia and Artsakh, typically comprise a mayor’s office, a library, a health clinic, a multipurpose event hall, and a computer room.


There are no words to describe how appreciated and valuable your support is to the Armenian people. Whether it’s helping to provide meals for starving children and displaced families, paying for the costs to send medical shipments to survivors of the war or paying for the construction of clean water systems for families living on the fringes of our homeland, your donations are the reasons why we can help the poor and vulnerable in need. We thank you for your continued support and we ask all individuals around the world who visit our website, please read our stories and witness first hand accounts of the results of your benevolence.

Change a life today

Armenia Fund brings together all Armenians around the globe for one purpose: to create the homeland we all deserve.
Maria Mehranian, Chairperson, Armenia Fund Inc.