Project is co-sponsored by Indian Embassy in Armenia, Hayastan All-Armenian Fund, and Vardanyan Family Foundation

For Immediate Release ~ September 18, 2012

Yerevan – The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund, in conjunction with the Indian Embassy in Armenia and the Vardanyan Family Foundation, has launched an unprecedented effort to establish computer classrooms and Internet access throughout schools in Armenia’s Tavush Region. The large-scale project will result in the provision of computer systems and furniture to 19 urban and 53 rural campuses.

Currently only ten of the region’s 82 public and private schools have a sufficient number of computers and Internet access for students. In order to address this substantial technological deficit, the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund signed a Memorandum with the government of India in October 2011, with the latter committing to donate and set up hundreds of computer systems, as well as establish online access, in schools across Tavush. In addition to this project, recently the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund organized a series of advanced trainings for teachers throughout the region.

With the financial support of the Indian government, a total of 550 computers and 72 printers will be donated to Tavush schools. The systems will be delivered in two shipments to Armenia by the end of this month. The Indian government will also dispatch a team of specialists to Armenia for the installation of the systems and establishment of online access.

Furniture for the newly created computer classrooms at all recipient schools is being sponsored by the Vardanyan Family Foundation, on behalf of benefactor Michael Vardanyan.

The project will benefit a total of 16,183 students.