Yerevan, May 24, 2014 – On May 24, the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund delegation assigned to survey the implementation of various projects continued its visits in Armenia. Headed by Deputy Director Ararat Khlghatyan, it visited project sites in the villages of Ashotsk and Bavra, in the Shirak Region.

In Ashotsk, the delegation visited the site of the community’s new high school, which is being built through the sponsorship of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s French affiliate. Ashotsk has close to 3,000 residents and a student population of 255. The new campus, which comprises four buildings and can accommodate up to 360 students, will open its doors by September, in time for the new academic year.

Hmayak Khachatryan, the school’s principal, was delighted to announce a significant rise in the number of students. “We had 20 graduates this year,” he said; “in September, our new graduating class will be 35-strong.”

“This is the largest school in Armenia built by the fund,” Ararat Khlghatyan said, adding that the scope of the project also includes providing the campus with furniture.

In Bavra, the delegation visited the recently inaugurated community center, a two-story structure which houses the mayor’s office, a library, a computer room, and en events hall. The construction of the facility was made possible by Hayastan All-Armenian Fund benefactor Nshan Devejian of Argentina. Earlier this year, Devejian provided the school of Bavra with new furniture and computers.

“Two years ago, the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund undertook the construction of 14 community centers in various villages of Armenia and Artsakh; seven of them are already up and running,” said Ara Vardanyan, executive director of the fund. “Bavra was hand-picked by Mr. Nshan Devejian, our longtime benefactor, as the site of projects he would sponsor. Moreover, he has promised to visit Armenia every year and take on further development projects.”