Hayastan Fund has started construction of Shushi orpahanage after the winter break.

The orphanage will feature spacious, comfortable living quarters and the full complement of amenities including a canteen, an events hall, and central heating and air-conditioning. The building will also have several leisure and sports premises, comprising playrooms, a gymnasium, and a playground. In addition, the building will feature a computer room and a library, which, complemented by a host of educational and arts programs, are designed to foster the intellectual and creative skills of the children, and ultimately help them become independent, self-actualized individuals.

The future institution will provide a full range of living, leisure, and educational amenities for children of preschool and school age including bedrooms, playrooms, a canteen, a library with computers, and an events hall.  To be equipped with central heating and air-conditioning, the facility will ensure comfort for its young residents at all seasons. The orphanage will also feature a playground.

Currently there are close to 100 parentless children between the ages of 1 and 15 living in the republic. While 50 of them are housed at the Stepanakert Children’s Home, the rest live with relatives.

The Armenian-American industrialist and benefactor Hirair Hovnanian, an Honorary Member and major supporter of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund has had an invaluable role in the realization of the fund’s diverse development initiatives in the past 20 years. He has donated 15 million US dollars to the Fund’s projects.

Project Coordinator, Gagik Nazaryan