Yerevan, January 10, 2017 – With support from its French and Eastern US affiliates, Armenia Fund has donated one Estonia Grand and nine Petrof pianos to the Tchaikovsky Music School in Yerevan.

“Piano lessons form the base of our students’ musical education, no matter which instrument they specialize in,” said Martun Kostandyan, the school’s principal. “The pianos we’ve received as gifts from our benefactors will certainly further raise the quality of education at our school, even though currently we need 25 additional pianos.”

The Tchaikovsky Music School was completely renovated and modernized during 2015 and 2016, through the financial support of Armenia Fund’s Eastern US affiliate. Thanks to the extensive makeover, the school has been transformed into a world-class institution providing both general and music education to around 600 students.

Thank you for supporting ArmeniaFund and helping foster cultural excellence as our nation continues to establish institutions and projects that build on a rich and diverse artistic heritage.