Yerevan, November 7, 2016 – Parallel to implementing a wide range of infrastructure projects throughout 2016, the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund has built scores of homes for Artsakh families with five or more children. With proceeds from its 2015 Telethon as well as contributions from individual benefactors, the fund will continue to construct homes for large families in Artsakh.

To date, a total of 28 such homes have been built or are in the process of being constructed in cities, towns, and villages across Artsakh, including:

[box] Martakert – Martuni – Vorotan – Avetaranots – Vank – Nor Haykajur – Chankatagh – Mushkapat – Chartar – Khandzadzor – Mets Tagher – Aknaberd – Charektar – Yeghegnut – Mirik – Berdik – Krasni – Chapar – Kusapat – Mariamadzor – Noragyugh – Varanda – Vurgavand[/box]

Nine of the homes were recently completed and fully furnished, and are ready for occupancy. Previously, six other brand-new and fully furnished homes were presented to as many families. The beneficiaries are the Harutyunyan, Shirinyan, Baghdasaryan, Movsesyan, Petrosyan and Sargsyan families, who moved into their new houses in Chartar, Krasni, Martakert and Chankatagh.

telethon-logo-official-copyAs determined by the Armenia Fund Board of Trustees and worldwide affiliates at their most recent joint meeting, proceeds from the fund’s 2016 Thanksgiving Day Telethon, on November 24, will be allocated to initiatives for rebuilding war-ravaged communities in Artsakh, various measures to ensure the safety and security of the peaceful population of the republic, and the construction of many more homes for Artsakh families with multiple children. The meeting has also affirmed that the fund’s donors will continue to have the option of supporting special projects of their choosing.