Yerevan, October 6, 2016 – Thanks to grassroots community support, the Hayastan All- Armenian Fund’s German affiliate continues to provide apartments for homeless families in Gyumri.

This week, the fourth apartment to be donated by the German-Armenian community has been made available, as representatives of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund delivered the apartment keys to 53-year-old Anahit Sukiasyan, a single mother who for long years has been living with her children in a so-called temporary hut, known as a domik, in Gyumri.

“Right after visiting the Sukiasyans and seeing the dreadful conditions they lived in, deprived of the most basic human comforts, I resolved to help Anahit, on whose shoulders rests the heavy burden of providing for her family,” said Gilbert Momdjian, chairman of the fund’s German affiliate. “I’m happy to report that the Armenian community of Germany at once supported this initiative, with the result that we were able to present the Sukiasyans with a bright, beautiful, three-bedroom apartment that’s fully furnished and features all modern amenities, including appliances. May Anahit and her children enjoy it in good health!”

Anahit has raised her children on her own for the past 16 years. Although the dire living conditions of her old hut has affected her health, she continues to take any available job in order to pay for the education of her children. Her oldest son, who serves in the army, will return home in a few months. “We saw my eldest son off to the army from the domik, but will welcome him back in our new home and start a whole new chapter,” Anahit said, holding back her tears.

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