What is Armenia Fund, Inc.?

Armenia Fund, Inc. (USA) is a 501c3 non-profit, non-governmental, non-political, non-religious organization headquartered in California with a governing Board of Directors, whose members are all from the United States.

How is Armenia Fund connected with organizations in Armenia?”

Hayastan All-Armenian Fund (HAAF) is Armenia Fund, Inc. ‘s implementing partner for projects in Armenia and Artsakh. HAAF is legally and financially separate from Armenia Fund Inc. Donations from Armenia Fund, Inc. were transferred to Hayastan All-Armenian Fund for the purposes of only civilian humanitarian and medical relief efforts, and Hayastan All-Armenian Fund (HAAF) has confirmed that no funds from Armenia Fund, Inc. or any residents of the United States were transferred to any government agency in Armenia.

How much was raised during the ArmeniaAid Telethon, and were all pledges fulfilled?

Donations received from the ArmeniaAid Telethon held on October 10 were largely in the form of bank checks and online and in-person credit card donations. The Telethon was organized by a group of very dedicated donors, supporters and professionals, benefiting Armenia Fund. The Fund is grateful to all the donors and supporters who contributed an unprecedented amount of $30.5 million during this telethon. Promised/pledges from this Telethon have all been paid and fulfilled.

How much was raised during the Thanksgiving Day Telethon 2020 campaign?

During Armenia Fund’s 23rd Annual Telethon campaign, which began on November 9 and culminated with the Armenia Fund Thanksgiving Day Telethon, $22.9 million was raised benefiting relief efforts for displaced individuals and families from Artsakh and families of wounded and fallen soldiers.

How long does it typically take for donations to be processed?

Promises or pledges made during the Telethon take an average of 3-4 months to be paid by donors. The ArmeniaAid October 10 Telethon held in benefit of the Fund saw an unprecedented rapid fulfillment of pledges and promises. As a matter of fact, $1.5 million in new donations were generated immediately after the Telethon as a result of buzz from the event.

How are donations to Armenia Fund, Inc. being recorded for tax purposes?

Armenia Fund provides receipts on letterhead with tax ID information, consistent with IRS regulations. Cash donations receive a “cash entry” receipt and subsequently a donation acknowledgment letter/receipt on letterhead.

What about cash donations?

The majority of monetary donations received by Armenia Fund in the United States have been in the form of bank checks and credit cards (online, in-person, mail). Cash donations form a small portion of donations and mainly have originated from public events and in-store boxes.

When will donors be able to see a full accounting of Armenia Fund, Inc.’s financials?

Given that the country is facing a horrible situation of COVID-19, post-war problems, in addition to an unprecedented number of displaced persons, the Fund is doing everything possible in its physical capacity to address immediate problems. Complete financial reports will be provided in short order.