This year’s anniversary of the Armenian Genocide has a special meaning for all of us in the diaspora and especially in the US, as after 106 years the President of the United States, Joe Biden has officially recognized the genocide. The violence and destruction of the Azeri-Turkish aggression during the 2020 war against the people of Artsakh is a strong reminder that this recognition is important more than ever. The challenges before us are still enormous and our work is still ahead. Armenia Fund thanks all those who, for many years, have relentlessly worked toward justice for this most egregious of human rights violations. We salute them and stand with them.

As a preeminent global humanitarian aid organization we renew our commitment to bringing assistance to the victims and the displaced individuals and families impacted by the continuing Azeri-Turkish hostilities in Artsakh and Armenia.

We stand united, made stronger by the unwavering dedication of our donors and supporters who help us in fulfilling our mission.