Facility is expected to revive Artsakh’s trade traditions

For Immediate Release ~ February 16, 2012

Yerevan, Armenia – The Armenia Fund’s French affiliate has launched the construction of a vocational school in the city of Shushi. The future institution will be named after French-Armenian benefactor Yeznik Mozian, whose bequest has provided the necessary funds for the project.

With a total area of 4,050 square meters, the future school will accommodate up to 225 students. It will offer a three-year certificate program in various specialties as well as a broad spectrum of general academic subjects.

The two-story campus will feature all required amenities including fully appointed classrooms, workshops, labs, and a library. The facility will also be equipped with central heating and air-conditioning, and comprise storage space for educational materials. Currently construction crews are laying the building’s foundations. “On the model and standards of similar French professional institutions our architects and consultants have designed this school to practice the most effective educational methods. School professors and instructors will be selected and trained accordingly”, says the Mozian family representative Robert Aydabirian, who is the overall project coordinator.

Graduates of the Yeznik Mozian School -who will be certified variously as locksmiths, metalworkers, welder, casing worker, mason, painters, roofers, stuccoer, tilers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and other specialists – are expected to enter the local job market, helping fill the shortage of trade professionals.

“The school will welcome students from all over Karabakh as well as Armenia, being equipped with dormitory facilities and aimed at becoming the most advanced school of this kind in the region”, points out the chairman of the Hayastan Fund French affiliate Bedros Terzian.

“Today Artsakh is in dire need of highly skilled professionals in the construction sector,” says Kajik Khachatryan, head of the Shushi District Administration. “The Yeznik Mozian School will mean a wonderful opportunity for young people who wish to specialize in a particular trade and become accomplished specialists.”

“The establishment of the Yeznik Mozian School is an unprecedented initiative in the history of our organization,” said Ara Vardanyan, executive director of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund. “We are confident that, thanks to the contribution of our French-Armenian benefactor, the socio-economic development of Shushi will be further boosted by an educational institution poised to produce generations of highly qualified professionals.”

The Yeznik Mozian School is being constructed in Shushi’s eastern neighborhood, which continues to be developed as the city’s educational quarter. It is already home to several music and liberal-arts schools as well as the Agriculture Department of Artsakh State University.