Armenia Fund USA Kicks Off the “Artsakh Refugee Initiative: Restoring Hope Together” to Help Forcibly Displaced Artsakh Compatriots 

This Marks the Next Wave of Assistance Following Initial $5 Million Allocated to the Effort

LOS ANGELES (Oct. 4, 2023) – Following the announcement of $5 million allocated for the immediate aid to the forcibly displaced Armenian population of Artsakh, Armenia Fund USA is today launching the “Artsakh Refugee Initiative: Restoring Hope Together.” The “Artsakh Refugee Initiative” will continue to provide short-term essentials, such as food, clothing and supplies to refugees, while also working to address mid and long-term goals for those settling in Armenia under immense stress.

With an active team on the ground in Armenia, the “Artsakh Refugee Initiative” will help to meet the urgent needs of the more than 100,000 refugees at this critical time. Armenia Fund resources will be deployed in a phased implementation program as follows:

  • Immediate aid 
    • Continue to provide immediate humanitarian aid including food, clothing, essential supplies, temporary shelter and  transportation. 
  • Mid-term support
    • Plan for and arrange permanent housing and provide educational, medical and mental health resources to individuals, families and children.
  • Long-term support
    • Continue the mid-term support programs augmented with assistance to refugees in finding gainful employment and becoming thriving members of their new communities.  

To donate to the “Artsakh Refugee Initiative”and for more information, including progress and updates, please visit and follow Armenia Fund USA on Facebook and Instagram.