After decades of hardship, residents will enjoy the delight of running water

For Immediate Release ~ June 15, 2011

Yerevan, Armenia – With co-financing from its Eastern U.S. affiliate (Armenia Fund USA) and the government of Artsakh, the Armenia Fund has begun rebuilding the potable-water system of Karmir Shuka, a village in the Martuni Region of Artsakh.

Dating back to the 1930s, the existing network has long fallen into disrepair, leaving residents with no other option but to carry water from local springs for their daily needs, Mayor Samvel Hakobjanyan explained.

The reconstruction project comprises the building of a new internal-distribution network. Other components of the initiative include the refurbishment of the water-collection tanks at the Tnjri and Hacha springs, the construction of two regulation reservoirs with a capacity of 100 cubic meters and 150 cubic meters, respectively, and the installation of eight pipelines, with a total length of 11 kilometers, which will connect the springs to the internal-distribution network. Currently crews are building the pipeline which will link the Tnjri spring to the village.

“As the lack of access to water remains a critically urgent issue in both Armenia and Artsakh, the Armenia Fund continues to dedicate a considerable portion of its resources to water-infrastructure projects in rural communities,” says Ara Vardanyan, the fund’s executive director.

Slated for completion in early 2012, the project will result in the provision of regular supply of running water to Karmir Shuka’s 270 families (totaling more than 1,050 residents).