How do we donate to ArmeniaFund?

2022-09-19T00:43:44-07:00September 19th, 2022|

When you give money to ArmeniaFund, you become an important and life-changing member of the ArmeniaFund community. You directly effect the people and the future of Armenia. From building roads to building schools, together we can rebuild, [...]

What does ArmeniaFund do?

2022-09-19T00:42:33-07:00September 19th, 2022|

Armenia Fund is the largest humanitarian organization serving the needs of the Republic of Armenia and the Artsakh Republic. Our mission is to connect the people of Armenia with the worldwide Armenian Diaspora [...]

What is the ArmeniaFund?

2022-10-12T22:43:16-07:00September 19th, 2022|

Established in 1994 in Los Angeles, California, Armenia Fund, Inc. (USA) is a 501c3 non-profit, non-governmental, non-political, non-religious organization headquartered in California with a governing Board of Directors, whose members are all from the [...]


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