Armenia Fund’s International Thanksgiving Day Telethon 2014

Thank you for your interest in Armenia Fund’s International Thanksgiving Day Telethon 2014 “En Route Artsakh”. Having become a Thanksgiving Day tradition for Armenians around the world, the Telethon will air from Los Angeles and be broadcast from coast to coast and internationally. Please scroll down to see the Telethon 2014 TV broadcast guide. If you live outside of our broadcast areas, please watch the Telethon webcast by visiting on U.S. Thanksgiving Day.

Armenia Fund will host the 17th International Telethon on Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 2014 from 8am to 8pm PST. Proceeds from the Telethon will benefit the construction of the Vardenis to Martakert Highway – linking the northern regions of Armenia and Artsakh. The highway will help connect villages and cities and will promote socio-economic development, boost trade, and cooperation in both countries regions.

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Vardenis-Martakert Highway Information

Vardenis-Martakert Highway, strategically linking Artsakh to Armenia from the North has a critical importance for both countries. It is the missing link to fully integrate Armenia’s and Artsakh’s highway systems and connect Artsakh to Armenia’s and subsequently, Europe’s railway system. The economic development spurred by the highway has the potential to double Artsakh’s GDP by 2020. The highway seriously stimulates creation of jobs in agriculture, manufacturing, tourism and trade.

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Serving Together For All Armenians

Dear Friends,

Please allow me to speak to you from my heart. Today, it is heavy and feels much pain.

Murderous Azerbaijiani commandoes once again attacked our historic homeland this August. The entire population of Artsakh – men, women, children and the elderly – were under threat of renewed war. Hundreds of husbands, fathers and sons fought bravely for the freedom of their nation, families, neighbors and friends. Seventeen paid the ultimate price and died.

It is NOW that we must join together so these courageous men’s sacrifice of their lives and futures will not have been in vain!

Thanks to your generous support of Armenia Fund, infrastructure has been built in the form of roads, medical centers, schools, kindergartens and water projects in order to stabilize and strengthen Artsakh. Because of these projects, residents stay in their ancestral villages, develop their land, and provide for their families.

Thanks to dedicated friends like you, Armenia Fund provides jobs for local workers. This year alone, 350 new jobs were created by Armenia Fund while building the strategically important Vardenis-Martakert Highway. We employed people from the villages along the Highway providing them with an honest pay for an honest day’s work.

Thanks to your gifts there is renewed HOPE that there will be no war in this part of the Armenian homeland and the people of Artsakh will reap the fruit of economic development brought by the Vardenis-Martakert Highway in the form of revived trade, agricultural production, tourism and manufacturing!
War can start any moment!

Every minute matters in this race for freedom and life!

I wish that I could say this will just go away! It won’t!

Bullets, firearms and munitions will NOT buy the lasting peace.
It will take a strong Armenian people who are able to sustain these hard times.

I plead with you today to reach deep into your heart and help today with as much as you are able to give.
Your gift will change lives for generations to come!

May God bless and protect Armenia and may God bless you.

Antranik Baghdassarian
Past President
Armenia Fund, U.S. Western Region

Did you know that Armenia Fund also accepts bequests, real estate property, land, precious metals, stocks, bonds and other securities. Please contact our office at 818-243-6222 for more information.

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A hundred years ago, on the verge of extinction, Armenians survived and now we have a free and independent Armenia. Twenty-three years ago, again under attack, Armenians liberated Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh). This year, Armenia was again under attack but Armenia’s Armed Forces bravely and successfully defended the border.

Every Armenian is responsible for the fate of Armenia.

A stronger, better Armenia: be a part of it.

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