Maternity Ward Refurbishment


St. Astvatsamayr Maternity Ward


Maternity Ward Refurbishment


Yerevan, Armenia


Armenia Fund US Western Region / Armenia Fund British Affiliate






Project Details


The Maternity Ward at the St. Astvatsamayr (St. Mary’s) Medical Center serves Yerevan’s densely populated southwestern district. One of Armenia’s largest, the hospital also provides ongoing medical training and certification to students and faculty of the Yerevan State Medical University and other medical schools in the capital.

The Maternity Ward had not seen significant repairs ever since its establishment in 1992. The facility had a number of serious technical shortcomings and was in need of extensive renovations. The ward’s subpar capacities meant that it had to limit the number of deliveries to 1,400 per year, with numerous expectant mothers redirected to other hospitals.

Armenia Fund implemented a complete refurbishment and modernization of the Maternity Ward, including the surgery room, encompassing a total space of almost 1,300 square meters. The improvements included the installation of a new roof, upgraded electrical, air-conditioning, water, and sewage systems, and the construction of hot-water and oxygen-supply systems. The floors have been retiled and the walls were repainted, all doors and windows were replaced, and lavatories with showers were installed in all patient rooms. In addition, the ward was provided with state-of-the art medical equipment. The installation of the roof and air-conditioning system was sponsored by Armenia Fund US Western Region, while all other components of the project were made possible with the financial support of Armenia Fund’s British affiliate.

The project has transformed the ward into a thoroughly modern, fully equipped facility capable of providing optimal care to mothers and newborns, in a comfortable, pleasant, and nurturing environment. Since the completion of the project, the ward’s vastly improved capabilities have resulted in a considerable rise in the number of deliveries at the facility.

Armenia Fund has implemented two previous projects at the St. Astvatsamayr Medical Center. In 2003, it renovated and furnished the hospital’s main somatic department, and, in 2006, rebuilt the Pediatric Neurosurgical Department, the only one of its kind in Armenia. Both initiatives were financed by benefactor Hagop Giritlian of Istanbul.

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