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Togh Village, Hadrut Region, Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR)


Armenia Fund US Western Region / Manoogian Demirdjian School of Los Angeles


January 2007


November 2008




Project Details


Togh is a historically Armenian village situated in the picturesque mountains of NKR’s Hadrut Region. During the Soviet era, it had become a “mixed” village due to the forced influx of Azeri families. Armenians were segregated and Armenian children had to enter the school from a separate entrance. During the Karabakh War, Togh witnessed fierce military action and sustained extensive damage. Today the population of the village is on the rebound and has passed the 700 mark, and several families have returned from Armenia and Russia.

The school of Togh had not seen a major repair in several decades. The structure was in terrible condition, to the point that it posed safety and health hazards. There were broken windows, bathrooms didn’t work, and classrooms were heated with antiquated wood stoves.

Armenia Fund completely rebuilt the school. The project was made possible by Armenia Fund US Western Region as well as funds raised by students, parents, and faculty of the AGBU Manoogian Demirdjian School of Los Angeles. After demolishing everything in the school and leaving only bearing walls, floors, and ceilings, Armenia Fund crews completely renovated the structure. All spaces were repainted, windows and doors were replaced, the restrooms were rebuilt and fitted with new plumbing fixtures, and a boiler house with a new heating system was installed. Moreover, the school underwent seismic retrofitting; water and sewage piping as well as electrical wiring was replaced; and asbestos roofing was replaced with a new, metal, roof. Armenia Fund also provided the school with new furniture.

Being provided with an essentially brand-new, thoroughly modern school has had an enormously positive impact on the village of Togh, in psychological and practical terms alike. While the young generation of Togh is being educated in a comfortable, well-appointed campus, the rebuilt school has boosted the morale of the village as a whole. As importantly, the fact that over $115,000 of the school-reconstruction project’s total cost of $480,000 was raised through the efforts of Armenian students, parents, and teachers thousands of miles away has added a wonderful new layer to the bond between diaspora and homeland.

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