School Construction


School No. 29 of Gyumri


School Construction


Gyumri, Shirak Region, Armenia


Armenia Fund US Western Region / Dr. and Mrs. Joseph and Alyce Dorian








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Gyumri is Armenia’s second largest city (after Yerevan), and the capital of the Shirak Region, in the northwestern part of the republic. Once Armenia’s industrial heartland, Gyumri was devastated by the 1988 Spitak earthquake. Ever since the disaster, Armenian organizations, including Armenia Fund, and the international community have implemented massive reconstruction projects to help in the slow process of recovery. Many of those projects have benefited the education sector, leading to Gyumri’s emergence as an IT center. In 2012, Gyumri was named “Technocity of Armenia.”

Among the many Gyumri schools severely damaged by the 1988 earthquake was School No. 29, a high school, which lay in ruins. For several years following the disaster, classes were held in “temporary” wooden shacks, with a near-total lack of basic amenities and creature comforts.

Armenia Fund built a new campus for School No. 29, near the site of the old facility. The project was sponsored by Armenia Fund US Western Region, with a major donation from Dr. and Mrs. Joseph and Alyce Dorian of Los Angeles. The state-of-the-art campus, designed to accommodate 900 students, is one of the largest in Armenia. Named after its benefactors, it features a complement of modern amenities, including spacious, comfortable classrooms, science labs, a computer room, and central heating.

As the reemergence of a vibrant education sector has been key to the overall recovery of Gyumri following the 1988 earthquake, the new campus of School No. 29 has become a powerful symbol of the city’s rebirth. Today, the 900 students of the school enjoy a wonderful learning environment, one which nurtures their intellectual growth and physical well-being alike.

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