School Construction


School No. 11 of Stepanakert


School Construction


Stepanakert, Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR)


Armenia Fund US Western Region / Mr. and Mrs. Gerald and Patricia


August 2008


August 2010


2.7 Million


Project Details


During the Karabakh War, thousands of people from villages across NKR took refuge in Stepanakert, fleeing the shelling and destruction of their communities and the constant threat of Azeri massacres. There was a critical need in the capital to provide basic services, including schooling, to the refugees.

To accommodate the arrival of large numbers of schoolchildren, an old Stepanakert kindergarten, built in 1975, was used to house School No. 11. But the building was woefully small and inadequate to meet the educational needs of the high school’s sizeable student population, with the result that classes were held in shifts.

Armenia Fund built a new campus for School No. 11. Designed to accommodate 560 students, it was the largest educational institution ever constructed by the Fund up till that date. The project was sponsored by Armenia Fund US Western Region, through a contribution by Armenian-American benefactors Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Turpanjian, with additional support from the government of NKR.

Officially unveiled on September 2, 2010 (Artsakh Independence Day), the school is a 3,500-square-meter complex that consists of three buildings. In addition to a fully equipped gymnasium, a large outdoor playground, administrative offices, and 25 classrooms, the school boasts chemistry and physics labs, a computer room, a library, a room for crafts and vocational studies, a cafeteria, and a first-aid clinic. Other amenities include a boiler house through which the school is provided with heating. The campus is fitted with fire-alarm and video-surveillance systems.

The No. 11 School is also an aesthetically striking complex, featuring lush landscaping and distinct architecture, exemplified by a graceful, semicircular glass entrance, wide passageways that connect the buildings, and the administrative building’s circular staircase, which lends a distinct charm to the foyer.

The new School No. 11 campus exemplifies the Armenia Fund philosophy that a school must not only educate children, but inspire them to greatness. With its beautiful, ultra-modern buildings, comfortable and bright classrooms, wealth of amenities, and a highly dedicated teaching staff, the new school is poised to accomplish just that.


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