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North-South Highway


Highway Construction


Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR)


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$28.5 Million

North-South Highway, Nagorno Karabakh Republic

Project Details


In the wake of the Karabakh War, one of the fundamental infrastructure challenges facing NKR was a terribly battered and disorganized road network. Essentially, this was a mishmash of narrow, often unsafe roads that were either damaged by shelling or had fallen into severe disrepair. The lack of a safe and reliable road network left the republic economically vulnerable and kept numerous towns and villages isolated.

The Project:
Armenia Fund rallied the worldwide Armenian community to support the construction of the North-South Highway, a major roadway that would facilitate economic, political, and cultural development throughout NKR.

One of Armenia Fund’s largest and most ambitious projects, the construction of the state-of-the-art North-South Highway was completed in 2005. Spanning the entire length of NKR, the 105-mile highway links over 100 cities and towns from Martakert to Hadrut, and connects with the Goris-Stepanakert Highway near Stepanakert.

Dubbed the “Backbone of Karabakh,” the North-South Highway is of immense strategic importance and has had an instrumental role in fostering the economic revitalization of NKR. Built with uncompromising quality, the highway now connects communities that were once cut off from one another, provides a modern conduit for the transport of goods and people, and promotes tourism. As significantly, by mobilizing the worldwide Armenian community in support of its homeland’s infrastructure development, the North-South Highway construction project has helped further boost the morale of the people of NKR.

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