National Film Archive


National Film Archive


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Khashtarak, Tavush Region, Armenia


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September 2005


November 2005


National Film Archive, Armenia

Project Details


Armenia’s National Film Archive, established in 1993, is where the majority of Armenian films produced since 1924 is preserved. This national treasure includes priceless original prints of Armenia’s cinematic output, including “Namus,” the first Armenian feature film, produced in 1925. Up till 2006, the National Film Archive operated under the umbrella of the Ministry of Culture. Since then, it has been integrated into the Armenian National State Archive. The National Film Archive also houses national photo and audio archives.

The National Film Archive lacked resources to maintain proper climate control and relative humidity for the preservation of film prints. In addition, the facility had not been properly maintained ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union and was in dire need of repairs and renovations. The situation was exacerbated by a catastrophic rupture of the building’s sewage system. The basement was flooded, resulting in increased humidity levels throughout the facility and causing serious damage to the films.

Armenia Fund completely refurbished the National Film Archive building’s sewage system and installed upgraded components, safeguarding against future ruptures.

The refurbishment project has been a critically important initiative in helping ensure a safe environment for the preservation of Armenia’s film and other archives. Also in 2005, the project was complemented by the creation of an up-do-date climate-control system for the proper storage of the facility’s entire collection, made possible by a grant from USAID.

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