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Shushi, Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR)


Armenia Fund US Western Region / Russian-Armenian Community / Armenia Fund USA (with donations by Anahid Beylerian, Arthur and Lucretia Yaghjian, Vasken and Ani Kassabian, Joseph and Jennifer Oughourlian, and the Ajemian Foundation) / Armenia Fund Italian Affiliate


June 2010


September 2012


$1.5 Million


Project Details


The city of Shushi is the historic cultural heart of NKR. It was the site of fierce battles during the Karabakh War. When it was liberated by the Armenian forces in 1992, it lay in ruins. Subsequently the worldwide Armenian community, including Armenia Fund, helped rebuild the city. In 2009, Armenia Fund launched the large-scale “Our Shushi” program, a comprehensive development initiative that went on to rebuild the city’s infrastructure, roads, residential buildings, schools, and cultural landmarks.

Shushi’s Khachatur Abovyan School, a large campus built in 1974, had fallen into severe disrepair, necessitating a complete refurbishment. The four buildings of the school were structurally unsound. An equally serious issue was the school’s broken sewage system, with wastewater flooding the basement. Other problems included crumbling floors and decaying walls, nonfunctioning restrooms, broken furniture, and an utter lack of modern educational amenities.

Armenia Fund completely rebuilt the school and modernized it. The foundations were reinforced for seismic soundness and a new sewage system was installed. All spaces were replastered and repainted, windows and doors were replaced, and the restrooms were rebuilt and fitted with new plumbing fixtures. The school was equipped with its own power substation and a boiler room, in order to supply the facility with uninterrupted electricity and heating. The rebuilt campus features 20 sizeable classrooms, including two computer classrooms, as well as two laboratories, ten classrooms for teaching various specialized subjects, a library, an auditorium, a cafeteria, a kitchen. a gym, and outdoor sports grounds. The renovations, encompassing a total area of 7,300 square meters, were made possible by Armenia Fund US Western Region, with major financial support from the Russian-Armenian community and additional assistance from the government of NKR.

The school’s computer rooms were established with the support of Armenia Fund USA (Armenia Fund’s US Eastern Region affiliate), through donations by Anahid Beylerian, Arthur and Lucretia Yaghjian, Vasken and Ani Kassabian, Joseph and Jennifer Oughourlian, and the Ajemian Foundation. The complete refurnishing of the classrooms, auditorium, and gymnasium was sponsored by Armenia Fund’s Italian affiliate.

After its transformation into a beautiful, structurally sound, and state-of-the-art campus featuring all modern amenities and creature comforts, the Khachatur Abovyan School has become a source of pride for the residents of Shushi. While the school’s student population is still below the intended capacity of 1,200, this wonderful educational institution is poised to grow and thrive with the ongoing growth of Shushi itself.

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