Ijevan Kindergarten


Ijevan Kindergarten


School Construction


Ijevan, Tavush Region, Armenia


Armenia Fund / Mr. and Mrs. Raymond and Ani Hartoonian, Mr. Grisha Sookiasian, and Mrs. Sonik Artounian


July 26, 2017


May 20, 2018



Project Details

Ijeven is a historic, picturesque town, and the administrative center of northeastern Armenia’s Tavush Region. It has a population of around 21,000. For many years, Ijevan did not have a proper kindergarten, and the current facility, attended by close to 120 children, is in a state of severe disrepair, determined to be too decrepit for a refurbishment. In 2017, Armenia Fund began to build a new kindergarten in the center of town.

Established in the 1970s, the existing kindergarten has never seen a major renovation. After sustaining extensive damage in an earthquake, the building remained shut for 20 years. It was only nine years ago that some repairs were made and the campus was reopened, though it has remained in an extremely dilapidated condition — a ramshackle, cramped, and unsafe structure with cracks everywhere and a slowly sinking kitchen.

With a groundbreaking ceremony in July 2017 — attended by the project’s benefactors, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond and Ani Hartoonian, Mr. Grisha Sookiasian, and Mrs. Sonik Artounian of Los Angeles — Armenia Fund began to build a state-of-the-art kindergarten in the vicinity of the old campus. With a total area of close to 1,200 square meters and designed to accommodate 150 students, the new kindergarten will be the largest ever built by Armenia Fund. The project will be completed by late May, 2018.

Hundreds of parents and students alike, including many from nearby towns and villages, are anxiously awaiting the completion of the project, as they know Ijevan’s new kindergarten will spell a magnificent departure from the wretched conditions of the past. Featuring a lively, colorful architecture, bright and spacious classrooms, a sizeable playground, and a full range of amenities, the new kindergarten will provide a safe, comfortable, and fun learning environment to generations of Ijevan children, helping them experience the joys of a carefree childhood.

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