Construction of Potable Water Network


Hadrut Water Network


Construction of Potable Water Network


Hadrut, Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR)


Armenia Fund US Western Region / Mr. and Mrs. Gerald and Patricia Turpanjian, Government of NKR


January 2012


Spring 2013



Project Details


The city of Hadrut is the administrative center of NKR’s Hadrut Region. With a total area of 725 square miles, 40 rural communities in addition to Hadrut City, and a population of a little over 12,000, the Hadrut Region forms NKR’s southern border. It is among the republic’s most mountainous and driest areas.

In 2008, Armenia Fund began to modernize Hadrut City’s water infrastructure by building a 22-kilometer potable-water pipeline that linked the city with the Arjaghbyur springs. Also within the project’s framework, the Fund refurbished the city’s water wells and daily-water reservoir. The project was co-sponsored by the Fund’s French affiliate and Armenian-American benefactor Hirair Hovnanian.

Although the construction of the Arjaghbyur-Hadrut pipeline and the refurbishment of Hadrut’s water wells and reservoir were a vast improvement, the city still grappled with a broken, 1970s-era internal-water-distribution network. The network’s severely corroded pipes frequently gave out, resulting in long periods of water-service interruption.

Armenia Fund built a new water-distribution network in Hadut City. In addition to the network, which has a total length of 33 kilometers, the Fund built water-distribution and regulation wells, a pumping station, and two reservoirs. The project was sponsored by Armenia Fund US Western Region, with a major donation from Armenian-American benefactors Mr. and Mrs. Gerald and Patricia Turpanjian and additional support from the government of NKR.

Since the project was completed in 2013, the more than 3,200 residents of Hadrut City have had around-the-clock access to drinking water. This is an improvement of enormous significance, given the clear fact that no community can function, let alone thrive, without normal access to water. Now the residents of Hadrut have one more reason to not consider migrating from their birthplace, instead dedicating themselves to its ongoing development.


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