Hadrut Regional Hospital


Hospital Reconstruction


Hospital Reconstruction


Hadrut, Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR)


Armenia Fund US Western Region


January 2007


December 2008


$2 Million

Hadrut Regional Hospital, Hadrut

Project Details


The city of Hadrut is the administrative center of NKR’s Hadrut Region. With a total area of 725 square miles, 40 rural communities in addition to Hadrut City, and a population of a little over 12,000, the Hadrut Region forms NKR’s southern border. It is among the republic’s most mountainous areas.

The Hadrut Regional Hospital was the region’s only hospital. The main building was built in 1981 for 100 beds. By 2007, there were only 40 beds, five of which were allocated for children. Although partial renovations were carried out following the Karabakh War, with support from USAID, the Red Cross, and donors from Canada, much of the hospital, including the main building and the adjacent infectious-diseases department, remained in a state of severe disrepair. In addition to structural damage sustained during the war, the hospital grappled with a host of problems including a lack of basic amenities, scant and outdated medical equipment, a perennial shortage of supplies, unsanitary conditions, and the fact that there was only one ambulance, which was used mainly to transport medical personnel.

Armenia Fund US Western Region implemented a top-to-bottom refurbishment of the Hadrut Regional Hospital. Within the framework of the large-scale project, the walls, floors, and ceilings of the entire facility were renovated; the doors, windows, and roofs were replaced; and new air-conditioning, potable-water, electrical, and sewage systems were installed. Other structural improvements included the construction of a separate entrance for the infectious-diseases department.

As importantly, Armenia Fund computerized the entire hospital and provided it with new furniture, a new telephone system, and up-to-date medical equipment and supplies. Nurses and medical staff were trained in the use of the newly received medical equipment. Finally, the hospital was provided with four ambulances.

Thanks to the reconstruction of the Hadrut Regional Hospital, the facility has been transformed into a thoroughly modern and well-equipped medical center, with bright, comfortable wards, patient rooms, and staff offices. Today the hospital is capable of providing comprehensive and quality care to the population of the entire Hadrut Region.

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