Construction of community center in Krasni


Construction of community center in Krasni


Rural development


Askeran Region, Artsakh


Armenia Fund / Hacob Baghdassarian


March 2017


September 2018


$230,000.00 USD

Project Details

Krasni is a village nestled in the highlands of Artsakh’s Askeran Region, about six miles
(nine kilometers) from Stepanakert and 14 miles (23 kilometers) from the regional center. A tributary of the Karkar River passes through the edge of the village. The two main occupations of the residents, who total 243, are agriculture and cattle breeding. The village school, which was built in 2005, has 39 students.

Krasni is in need of considerable infrastructure development. Issues requiring immediate attention include the lack of a preschool, a crumbling water network, and the lack of adequate facilities for several community institutions. In 2017, Armenia Fund began to tackle the latter issue by launching the construction of a multifunctional community center.

Krasni’s municipality building is in a state of severe disrepair. And as the medical clinic of the village lacks a space of its own, it continues to operate inside the school campus. Beyond these issues, Krasni lacks a number of critically needed community structures, such as a library and a multi-use event hall.

Armenia Fund is building a two-story, multifunctional community center in Krasni. The structure will not only house the mayor’s and other administrative offices and the medical

clinic, but also comprise an event hall, a library, and a computer room. This will be a state-of- the-art building, featuring a full complement of amenities including heating and ventilation systems. As part of the project, Armenia Fund will also fully furnish the facility and provide it with all necessary equipment.

Made possible by the generous support of the late Armenia Fund benefactor Hacob Baghdassarian, and slated to be completed in September 2018, Krasni’s community center will solve a number of long-standing issues affecting the village. By becoming a hub for local governance, medical care, and community gatherings, and offering a diversity of educational and leisure activities, the facility will vastly improve the quality
of life of the village. Ultimately, the new community center will provide the residents of Krasni with a compelling reason to continue to live and work in their birthplace.

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