For Immediate Release ~ November 21, 2011

Contact: Sarkis Kotanjian ~ 818-243-6222

Yerevan, Armenia – Armenia Fund’s 12th European Phoneathon, taken place in France, from November 17 to November 20, ensured pledges of more than 1 million 300 thousand Euros.

Some 700 volunteers from France, Germany, and Switzerland worked the phones throughout the four-day event, with calls placed 12 hours a day. Stationed in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, and Toulouse, the volunteers called close to 60,000 Armenian families, businesses, and organizations across Europe to request financial support for the ongoing development of Armenia and Artsakh.

The 1 million 173 thousand Euros, raised by the Hayastan Fund’s French affiliate, will be dedicated to vital water-infrastructure projects in close to ten rural communities throughout Artsakh and the Tavush Region of Armenia. The 24.150 Euro donated by the Swiss Armenians will be used to renovate the Yerevan Chaikovski musical school, and furnish its library, and the 81.360 Euros raised by the German affiliate will be directed to the renovation of the the Gyumri’s orphanage. Also participating in the Phoneathon was the Armenian community from Greece. Despite the political state and economic crisis in Greece, Armenians once again demonstrated their dedication to the Homeland. As a result of the two-day phonethon launched on 12th November, about 35000 Euros were raised to be directed to the needs of Vanadzor orphanage.

In 2000, the inaugural Phoneathon yielded 2,907 donation pledges and raised an amount in francs equivalent to 216,500 euros. In the past 11 years of the Phoneathon, over 411,000 phone calls have been made and a total of almost 10 million euros has been raised through donations by close to 21,000 supporters. All proceeds have been used for the implementation of infrastructure-development projects in Armenia and Artsakh.

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