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Lifeline Highway


Project Started ~ January 1, 1995
Project Completed ~ November 12, 1999

The Goris-Stepanakert Highway project was launched in 1995, a year after the establishment of the cease-fire in Karabakh. The project was executed in 6 phases and was completed in November of 1999. The fundamental part of the road runs through the Lachin corridor, which was liberated in 1992 and became the only ground link between Armenia and Karabakh.

The new highway is 6 km shorter than the old
one because of new road turns

The construction of the "Goris-Stepanakert" highway is vital to the economic and social development of Karabakh.

The road was not repaired since the collapse of the Soviet Union and had been seriously damaged during the military operations. The newly reconstructed highway is shorter than the old one by 6 km as a result of newly added road turns. Before it took 2.5-3 hours to travel from Goris to Stepanakert. Now the same trip can be made in 60-80 minutes. The roadway itself is 7m wide with an added 1.5m for roadside shoulders.

For the construction of the "Goris-Stepanakert" highway, two highly successful telethons were organized in Los Angeles in 1996 and 1997. Other fundraising campaigns were conducted in communities around the world where Armenians reside.

Goris-Stepanakert Highway

The people of Armenia and Karabakh also contributed to these fundraising efforts. Every Armenian participated within their capability. No donation was too small - a pensioner from Yerevan contributed 25 Drams from his monthly pension, and a boy from Kapan donated his piggy bank to the construction of the highway. During this project residents of Karabakh and Armenia joined their efforts with Armenians from the Middle East, Latin America, Europe and the United States of America and showed an exceptional generosity to accomplish a common goal – to build a stronger nation and a more prosperous Armenia and Karabagh.

On November 12, 1999 the Prime Minister of the Nagorno Karabagh Republic inaugurated the opening of the last section of the highway. The "Goris-Stepanakert" - Lifeline Highway was constructed to bring Armenia and Karabakh together making the dream of unity a reality. It all started as an idea, but became reality with the joined efforts from Armenians around the globe.

Project Cost Summary

Design - $48,295.66 conducted by "Channakhagits"
Supervision - $111,817.89 conducted by "Channakhagits"-

Section I - $615,159.51 conducted by "Zangezurtransshin"
Section I - $2,023,733.33 conducted by "Zangezurtransshin"
Section II - $1,488,833.19 conducted by "Ararat RCC"
Section III - $1,511,627.91 conducted by "Ararat RCC"
Section IV - $2,799,911.11 conducted by "Zangezurtransshin"
Section V - $1,467,877.84 conducted by "Zangezurtransshin"

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